Saturday, June 10th, Nebula was buzzing with an energy that was nothing short of epic. Why, you ask? Because we had the pleasure of hosting an unforgettable night of thumping, heart-pounding music with the one and only, Bassjackers.

Straight from the heart of the Netherlands, Bassjackers, made up of the dynamic duo Marlon Flohr and Ralph van Hilst, took the stage and blew us away. These guys are masters in the EDM scene, with their unique fusion of big room house, electro, and progressive house music. And let me tell you, their energy is contagious. They know how to work a crowd, creating a pulsing, electrifying vibe that had us jumping to the beat all night long.

Nebula, our beloved city’s go-to spot for the best in nightlife, was the perfect playground for the Bassjackers’ high-voltage performance. Our sound system, so good it’ll make your ears thank you, amplified their booming beats in ultra HD quality. And the lights? Oh man, the light show was a sensory spectacle, making every beat, every drop, every moment of the night just that much more intense.

Bassjackers have been tearing it up on the electronic music scene with their innovative tracks and remixes. Their set at Nebula? Absolutely no exception. Those lucky enough to be there were pulled into a whirlwind of hard-hitting bass, catchy melodies, and rhythms that just make you want to move. It was a party from start to finish, and we danced our way into the early morning.

Whether you’re a hardcore Bassjackers fan or just someone who appreciates some top-notch tunes and a killer atmosphere, we were stoked to have you there. Soaking in the vibes, feeling the electric energy of the crowd, and getting lost in the music—it was a night for the books.

So, to all you beautiful people who danced with us under the neon lights, we hope your memories of Bassjackers at Nebula keep the party alive in your heart. And hey, if you missed out, don’t worry—there are more epic nights to come. Until next time, keep those good vibes rolling and stay tuned for more!