Cat Dealers

The euphoria from this past Friday night, July 8th, is still fresh, with the echoes of an unforgettable evening reverberating through Nebula, our city’s vibrant nightlife hub. Just two days ago, the charismatic Brazilian duo, Cat Dealers, took to the stage and demonstrated why they are the resident DJs at Nebula.

Hailing from the rhythm-infused heartland of Brazil, brothers Lugui and Pedrão have established themselves as a vital part of Nebula’s pulsating heartbeat. Their music—a captivating blend of electronic, deep house, and bass-infused beats—continues to set the rhythm of our dance floor, shaping the atmosphere and mood of each weekend.

This past Friday, Cat Dealers orchestrated an incredible spectacle, transforming Nebula into a cosmic dance floor. Their music filled the space, pumped through our state-of-the-art sound system, while a dazzling light show painted an otherworldly panorama. The duo’s undeniable chemistry and understanding of the crowd led to an immersive, multisensory experience that only resident DJs can deliver.

With their genre-bending style and infectious energy, Cat Dealers consistently keep the crowds on their toes, delivering sets that push boundaries and ignite the dance floor. The performance on July 8th was no exception. Attendees were swept away in a whirlwind of pulsating basslines, irresistible hooks, and foot-tapping rhythms, making it clear why Cat Dealers have earned their residency at Nebula.

Whether you’re a devoted Cat Dealers fan or a casual music lover who stumbled upon an unforgettable night, it was a pleasure to have you join us. The electrifying crowd, the intoxicating rhythms, the immersive music—it was an extraordinary night, even by Nebula’s high standards.

To all the stellar souls who danced under the laser lights, we hope you’re still riding high on that wave of energy. And for those who couldn’t make it, don’t fret—the beauty of having Cat Dealers as our resident DJs means more electrifying nights are on the horizon. Stay tuned, keep the positive vibes flowing, and get ready for more mesmerizing sets from Cat Dealers at Nebula!