Prepare yourselves, music enthusiasts! This past Saturday, June 3rd, Nebula was thrilled to host an unforgettable night headlined by the phenomenal electronic music sisters, NERVO.

Originating from Melbourne, Australia, NERVO – the captivating duo of Mim and Liv – have been lighting up global dance floors with their blend of electro house and dance-pop music. Known for their high-energy performances and magnetic charisma, NERVO’S musical approach flawlessly fuses passion and power, shaping an auditory spectacle that surpasses the confines of traditional genres.

Nebula, the city’s premier nightlife venue, offered the perfect setting for this extraordinary duo. Our top-of-the-line sound system amplified Nervo’s electrifying tunes in crystal-clear high-definition, while our unrivaled light spectacle engrossed your senses, amplifying each beat, each rhythm, each second of this memorable night.

Nervo has been consistently breaking boundaries in the electronic music landscape with their innovative tracks and remixes, and their set at Nebula was no exception. Attendees experienced a musical odyssey, a whirlwind of booming basslines, enchanting melodies, and contagious rhythms that kept everyone moving until the early morning hours.

Whether you’re a dedicated NERVO follower or simply an admirer of excellent music and exceptional vibes, we were delighted to have you join us for an evening that was nothing less than phenomenal. To soak in the ambiance, feel the electricity of the crowd, and surrender to the rhythm of the night was an experience to cherish.

So, for those who made it, we hope the memories will keep you grooving. NERVO at Nebula – a true spectacle. Until the next time, keep dancing and stay tuned for more!