Top 10 best nightClubs and lounges in NYC for house and techno

Immerse yourself in the pulsating beats and electrifying atmospheres of the premier nightclubs in NYC. Each of these venues offers a unique slice of the Big Apple’s nightlife, ensuring an unforgettable experience for club-goers and night owls.

Nebula Nightclub NYC | Timesquare

1. Nebula

Nebula, a beacon among NYC nightclubs, where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary. As one of the most innovative nightclubs in NYC, Nebula thrives with its cosmic theme and cutting-edge technology. The club’s immersive sound system and dynamic video panels offer an unparalleled sensory experience. With luxurious VIP services and a diverse crowd, Nebula is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the nightclub scene in New York City, seeking an out-of-this-world night out.

The Brooklyn Mirage — AVANT GARDNER
Photo credit: Avant Gardner website

2. Avant Gardner

Brooklyn’s Electronic Oasis Avant Gardner, a standout in the competitive NYC nightclub scene, is known for its massive outdoor Brooklyn Mirage and plush indoor spaces in East Williamsburg. This venue is a powerhouse, offering some of the best electronic dance music experiences in NYC. During the summer, its open-air stage transforms into a haven for EDM lovers, while the indoor spaces host immersive visuals year-round, making it an all-season favorite among New York City nightclubs.

Public Records nightclub nyc
Photo credit: WSJ

3. Public Records

Hi-Fi Haven in Gowanus Public Records sets itself apart as a unique nightlife destination in NYC, combining a hi-fi bar, a plant-based café, and a Berlin-inspired dance floor. It’s a place where the health-conscious can enjoy a night out in one of the most eclectic nightclubs in NYC. The back room, with its hypnotic beats, positions Public Records as a must-visit for those seeking an innovative and vibrant nightclub experience in New York City.

Photo credit: Nowadays

4. Nowadays

Outdoor Dreams to Indoor Beats Nowadays is a beloved addition to NYC nightclubs, offering a serene outdoor space and a thumping indoor venue in Ridgewood. Known for its top-flight sound system and sophisticated menu, it caters to those looking for an elevated nightclub experience in NYC. As a day-to-night venue, Nowadays is a testament to the dynamic nature of New York City’s clubbing scene, offering an ever-evolving experience that reflects the city’s diverse nightlife.

Brooklyn’s Elsewhere
Photo credit: Elsewhere

5. Elsewhere

The Bushwick Behemoth Elsewhere stands as a colossal figure in Bushwick’s nightlife, offering a unique clubbing experience with its large-scale venue and diverse programming. As one of the more avant-garde nightclubs in NYC, it attracts a crowd that’s looking for something different from the typical nightclub fare. With its multiple rooms and rooftop deck, Elsewhere provides a comprehensive New York City nightclub experience, from indie rock to underground electronic beats.

The Sultan Room Brooklyn
Photo credit: lespecialmusic IG

6. The Sultan Room

Global Beats in Bushwick The Sultan Room is a treasure among NYC nightclubs, known for its global influences and state-of-the-art sound system. As a hotspot for both live shows and DJ sets, it’s a vibrant part of Bushwick’s nightclub scene. The venue’s unique decor and sunken dance floor make it a standout destination for those seeking an immersive nightclub experience in New York City.

Lambda Lounge Gay bar
Photo credit: Lambda Lounge

7. Lambda Lounge

Harlem’s Inclusive Beat Lambda Lounge is not just a nightclub; it’s a statement of inclusivity and community in NYC’s nightlife. As one of the few Black-owned gay bars in the city, it represents a significant part of the cultural tapestry of nightclubs in NYC. Offering a space for dancing, celebration, and unity, Lambda Lounge is a beacon for anyone seeking a welcoming nightclub experience in New York City.

Black Flamingo
Photo credit: Daniel Leinweber for Razberry Photography

8. Black Flamingo

Williamsburg’s Underground Gem In the heart of Williamsburg lies Black Flamingo, a nightclub known for its vegetarian fare and vibrant dance floor. As part of Brooklyn’s nightclub scene, it offers an intimate, no-frills party experience that’s become increasingly rare in NYC. For those looking for an underground vibe with quality music and a laid-back atmosphere, Black Flamingo is a must-visit nightclub in New York City.

Good Room bk
Photo credit: @goodroombk

9. Good Room

Greenpoint’s Dance Haven Good Room is a beloved nightclub in NYC’s Greenpoint neighborhood, known for its dedication to good music and a great time. With its well-designed DJ booth, expansive dance floor, and eclectic music selection, it’s a staple in the New York City nightclub scene. For those seeking a genuine and vibrant night out, Good Room is a go-to destination among nightclubs in NYC.

Basement NYC
Photo credit: @Basementnewyork

10. Basement

Queens’ Techno Tunnels Basement offers a unique angle on NYC’s nightclub scene with its underground, no-nonsense techno atmosphere. Located in the Knockdown Center, it’s a favorite among those looking for a raw and immersive experience. As a distinct and powerful venue, Basement stands out as a must-visit for techno enthusiasts and night owls seeking the best nightclubs in New York City.

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